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Ping Sigma G Putter Series

Ping engineers combined all of their R&D know-how into this putter series (hence, the Sigma name). Made from 17-4 stainless steel, the flat sticks feature aluminum inserts that cover the entire face and are backed by Pebax elastomer (used in athletic shoe soles) to improve sound and feel. The new milled TR (True Roll) variable-depth groove pattern produces similar ball speeds (and distance) on center and off-center contact.

The Sigma G family consists of sixteen styles in a platinum or nickel finish to suit a range of strokes and styles. The Anser model is available in both finishes. Grip options include Ping’s polyurethane-wrapped pistol in midsize or oversize, while the company’s 130-gram CB60 is standard on counterbalanced models. “The combination of the high-grade elastomer and fully machined aerospace-grade aluminum over the entire face delivers an amazing feel and sound,” said Ping’s Chairman and CEO John A. Solheim. “And with improved ball-speed consistency and forgiveness, golfers will make more putts than ever.”

Ping G Driver


Violent, explosive impact — the head devours the ball; slightly more stable and a bit more refined than the G30, and every bit as fun to hit; go ahead and rip it — the high-balance-point shaft loads right and tears through impact. “Finned,” “clawed,” call it what you will: The G’s radical textured crown is quickly becoming a staple — and picking up even more fans; it’s a dynamic look with a mean streak; stealthy matte-black finish trims some bulk off the generous clubhead. Tops in its class; once again, the “G” stands for gold — drivers just don’t get easier to hit than this Ping; with a sweet spot the size of a baseball, nearly everything off the face flies pure; tames your mistimed swings. Crazy consistent, effortless power, and if you feel like taking a big cut the G can keep up; few models can match its averages; it wakes up with a little extra loft, grabbing some extra yards.

Ping GMax Irons

The most forgiving iron in the category—it’s not even close; solid shots fly at the target, while misses never stray too far; thin shots get a pardon with good elevation and length.. Pleasing to the eye—long face, wide sole, thick topline, visible cavity and encouraging offset; the glare-free finish disguises some of its size and adds a touch of refinement; white scoring line can be a useful alignment aid. The head size turns off a few testers; some wish for a softer feel on solid shots and greater feedback on misses; stronger swingers have trouble keeping the flight down, and those with active hands can struggle with the offset. Head of its class—for guys who want a high, soft flight that holds the green; straight shots or slight draws are the norm, even for guys who lose it to the right with their own sticks; easily launches balls from the rough and other trouble spots.

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Responds well to easy swings; high launch gives slower swingers a nice boost in carry distance, especially with the longer irons; hits the target consistently when you’re on your game and can carry the trouble when you’re not. A tad heavier than most, which helps with rhythm; easy to track during the swing and square up at impact; the large head stays firm and stable no matter where you strike it. A carryover model, the GMax is the top performer in this year’s max game-improvement test. Higher-handicappers looking for an easy-launching iron loaded with forgiveness would do well to give these a try. With the GMax, your score will be three to four shots better than you deserve.

Ping Glide 2.0 Wedge


The retooled design should help players hit low spinners like the Tour pros. Advancements in manufacturing processes led to more tightly spaced grooves with a sharper edge radius and relaxed sidewall angles. First spotted on the PGA Tour at the Shriners Open last November, the Ping Glide 2.0 wedge is set for its coming out party. Represents a major breakthrough in performance for a number of reasons, but it’s the new grooves that are most exciting,” said Ping’s CEO and Chairman John A. Solheim “The players have been very pleased with the increase in spin rates, overall trajectory control, including lower ball flights, and the consistency of the carry distances. The 431 stainless steel heads come with Ping’s AWT 2.0 steel or CFS graphite shafts in four grinds: wide (WS), standard (SS), thin (TS) and Eye Sole (ES).

Ping Unveils G Le Clubs for Women


The newest member of Ping’s G family, the G Le (stands for Ladies edition), is the byproduct of thousands of hours of player testing and research into understanding the needs of women golfers. Boasting many of the same technologies found in existing G models, the colorful, lightweight sticks have shorter shafts to suit slower swingers looking for a boost in distance and forgiveness. Here’s what you need to know if one or all can fill a space in your bag.