Need Help Planning for Your Golf Trip Packages?


Tee off on your next vacation with Signature Vacations’ golf packages. Packing properly can make or break any golf trip. Planning the perfect golf trip is as much about approach and philosophy as it is intent. Everyone wants to put together the greatest trip ever, but having a game plan is your best bet of success.

Here are the things to do when you want to make a Golf Trip Package

Know where to go

The key is to ensure that your destination of choice matches with your desires, resources and traveling companions. For example, many premier locations require golfers to walk the course. Is this something you or members of your group can do for multiple days in a row?

Seek the information

Research, research and, then, research some more. Mygolfvacation, GolfAdvisor, Golfzoo, Golfpactravel, etc are excellent place to start. Utilize the internet as well as seek out those that have visited your targeted destination. Visit the sites of the courses you would like to visit. If you are planning the trip without assistance, contact the courses you wish to play and ask them for their recommendations for where to stay, eat, etc.

Pick the leader

Planning by committee does not work. Put one person in charge of the trip. He can solicit input and advise but at the end of the day only his opinion counts.

Hand pick your compatriots

Trips do not have to be huge to be great fun. Ensuring that everyone has the same goals and expectations is more important than trying to maximize the size of your traveling band, start slowly and hand pick your fellow golfing tourists.


Don’t fear the fear

Fear of the unknown is the no. 1 reason why golfers put off their dream trips. There are so many ways to overcome this! Consider that it takes me less time to fly from Boston to Shannon, Ireland, than to fly across the United States.

Go first class whenever possible

It means how you plan your resources. In general, most first timers plan themselves too thin so the cliche applies, “You get what you pay for.” One small tip in this area is to plan on individual rooms instead of double occupancy.

Do not over-schedule

Related to the above, over-scheduling is the top way to mess up a well intended effort.

Never say ‘once in a lifetime’

This is the most overused travel cliche of all time! Aspire to make your journey the “trip of a lifetime,” but don’t limit yourself to a one-and-done mentality. A philosophy that “this is just the beginning” also helps you to not feel like you need to fit everything into one trip.


Plan for what cannot be planned

Stuff happens; a little over-indulgence over here, a stiff back over there, you get the picture. I like to budget a day in every trip that I call a “cultural day.” I plan around someplace cool where you can bask in the local culture and respite. It’s amazing how often these days become the highlight of the entire trip!

Breathe and delegate

Remember, this is about having fun. Breathe deep and embrace the moment. Once the big picture is in place, delegate out things like the planning of daily competitions, pairings, etc. Don’t feel compelled to over-plan every minute, meals or social agendas. Let people explore and find their own paths.

Make a shoe plan

If your golf itinerary involves a day off, make sure to bring walking/tennis shoes, too. I like to solve both needs by wearing street golf shoes to the airport. That way I don’t need to pack a backup pair of golf shoes or that extra pair of walking shoes, either.

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Prepare for any weather

It can change in an instant, especially in coastal or mountainous golf destinations. Bring the rain gear, umbrella and rain gloves every time, even if the forecast indicates otherwise. You’ll thank me later.

Charge it

Golf trips are supposed to be escapes from computers and e-mails, but in reality, everybody needs to stay in touch with work and family back home. If your golf trip involves a lot of driving, a cell phone charger that plugs into a car lighter is a must.

Money matters

How much money you keep in your wallet on vacation remains a personal preference, but here are a couple of key cash tips I abide by: Bring lots of singles, and if you’re traveling internationally, exchange your money at home. Single dollar bills come in handy for the onslaught of airport shuttle drivers, golf cart girls and club cleaners looking for a tip.


Pill pusher

You’ll need plenty of medication for aching golf muscles and feet. Bring extra Advil/Motrin because everybody will be begging for it at some point. My allergies have gotten worse as I’ve gotten older, so some Claritin isn’t a bad idea, either.

Bring enough golf essentials

Before a trip, I always take stock of how many golf balls I have in my bag. Buying balls, gloves, tees, insect repellent, etc.

Pack healthy snacks

Eating healthy is virtually impossible on vacation, especially with golfers who imbibe after hours. Throw a few granola bars or nutrition bars in your golf bag. They’re ideal for days when you get tired mid-round or sleep in late and miss breakfast.

Business cards

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should leave the business cards at home. Stuff a few extra in your golf bag and wallet. Who knows who you might meet in the Tap Room at Pebble Beach Resorts or the Ryder Cup Lounge at Pinehurst Resort? Maybe that person could be a great business contact or, better yet, a member at some swanky private club. Don’t miss your chance to impress and stay in touch.

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