Arizona Golf Schools Reviews for You


Arizona golf schools and courses are certainly among the strongest candidates we have for the honor. As one of the most naturally beautiful landscapes in the US. Golfers and developers alike have been flocking to Arizona for decades. When prospective students are looking to find a location and a program that suits their needs, Arizona golf schools should rank high on the list of possibilities.

Arizona is also considered one of the top locations to get golf instruction. There are numerous courses offering the services of pros of all skill levels and backgrounds. This lends itself to a large clientele that is always seeking ways to include golf into their lives. From indoor golf centers and professional instructors to incredible field trips and career services, golf schools in Arizona have everything a prospective student needs to get the best education possible.


You can have the beauty, the challenge and the excitement of golfing experience in the Sonoran Desert. Choose from a variety of courses between Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona or Tucson, with desert or mountain terrain, or mix it up with our Championship links style courses. The Sonoran Desert sets the stage for scenic and challenging play that can be perfect round play.

In addition to the Arizona golf schools below have a golf instruction institution that you need. From beginning golfers making their first steps out onto the greens to top-level players and instructors looking for certification. Whether you are looking for private or group lessons from a golf pro, golf camps for adults or juniors, 3-day golf schools, 1-day golf clinics, or a week-long vacation at a golf resort school. Booking a golf school vacation should be quick, easy, and affordable.


These are the Arizona golf schools in alphabetical order

– America’s Favorite Golf Schools (AZ), Arizona
– Arizona Golf Resort School, Mesa, Arizona
– Bird Golf Academy (AZ), Phoenix (Wigwam), Phoenix (Goodyear), Prescott and Sedona , Arizona
– Dave Pelz Golf Schools (AZ), Arizona
– ESPN Golf Schools (AZ), Arizona
– Golf Digest Schools (AZ), Scottsdale, Arizona
– Golf Schools of Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Arizona
– Jack Kuykendall Golf School, Arizona
– John Jacobs’ Golf Schools (AZ), Many locations, Arizona
– Kostis & McCord Learning Center, Scottsdale, Arizona
– Mundus Institute Course Mgmt. Programs, Phoenix, Arizona
– Nike Junior Golf Camps (AZ), Phoenix, Prescott, and Tucson, Arizona
– Resort Golf Schools (AZ), Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, Arizona
– San Diego Golf Academy (AZ), Phoenix, Arizona
– United States Schools of Golf (AZ), Sedona, Mesa, Goodyear, and Chandler, Arizona
– VIP Golf Academy (AZ), Sedona, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, Arizona

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Arizona golf schools, unlike those located in the northern and southeastern regions of the United States, offer year-round accessibility to clear, dry golf courses. Although Arizona can get downright uncomfortable in the summer months, there is a benefit to being located in the desert lands of the United States. The state gets over 300 golf-ready and sunny days each year – a number that certainly wins out over the weather in Scotland, where wind and rain are the decided norm.

Most Arizona golf schools take advantage of the opportunities for growth by appealing to students all over the country and tailor their programs in order to align with these incredibly high standards. Their educational standards exceed the national average and draw in students of all backgrounds. This is especially true for students who wish to seek positions in high-end golfing resorts. With some of the world’s most famous courses located in Scottsdale and around the Sonoma desert, the golfing hospitality trade reaches prestigious heights in Arizona.